aboutThe following pages contain information on our products made for geological investigations.

Althought these products are a very small part of the equipment regularly used by geologists and other professionals, their first-rate features and quality make them highly functional and useful instruements (more than 300 PENNI 30 and several dozen PENNI 63 sold to date).

In addition:

- We have expanded the instrument's applications with a new continuous coring system based on the same principle used for the penetration test, for taking Ø 38 samples with a limited degree of disturbance in cohesive and granular soils.

- This core sampling method is useful in site investigations, determining stratigraphic conditions, soils studies, hydrological and geotechnical investigations and environmental studies. The samples can be used for carrying out grain-size analyses geotechincal tests.

- The system is designed, patented and distributed by Compac and intended for use only with the PENNI 30 penetrometer.

- The new DPSH Penni 63 heavy dynamic penetrometer, described in detail in the following pages.

We want to thank all those who have awarded us their trust and are now our satisfied customers.