Loading and unloading metal cleaners

This kind of systems provide to automate the entire process of metal cleaning. Are designed according to the specific needs of the customer, so as to respect the machining cycle.

Newspapers Sorting

Handling systems employed in publishing industries. After a first step of recognition of copies, the handling system drop off the copies in pre-selected exhaust palbox.

Manipolator for boxes

Handling system for metal turning. The robots are able to grab the boxes, move and empty them into the numbered container.

Automatic Storage Units

It allows the storage of heavy materials arranged in slide compartment, offering timely availability of the product. By optimizing the space occupied, is the ideal solution to the problems of management, picking and rapid retrieval.

Chain conveyors

Line of chain conveyors for moving heavy pallets.
Since 1988 Compac S.r.l. manufactures handling systems and industrial automation systems.      

Compac S.r.l. offers logistics solutions in automating and flexibly managing the flow of materials inside the production plant.

With twenty years experience at the cutting edge of technology in product handling, process automation and goods storage, we can produce custom-designed solutions for a variety of applications that stand out for safety and reliability.

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