Compac in his handling systems employ the following kinds of conveyors: belt conveyors (flat, sloping, concave, special belts); roller conveyors (curving, straight, powered rollers, gravity rollers); chain converyors (with various types of chains); slat conveyors, net conveyors; apron conveyors, modular conveyors. 

The dimensions of the conveyors depend on the size of the products carried and the space available (shape, weight, quantity). The frame structures are made of extruded aluminium components or painted arc-welded steel. Every sector and every requirement are studies to develop the most suitable solution.


Four channel chain conveyor


Roller conveyor with 180° tipper


Belt conveyor

Oval slat conveyor (airport model)

Strip belt conveyor

Apron conveyor with centering

90° curves made with polyamide tapered rollers

Straight line modular conveyor

Modular conveyor-diverter

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