From Individual Machines to Turnkey Installations.

Compac is a new-generation company, open to technological innovation and versatile processes, constantly researching new solutions for all requirements. Supported by technical expertise, enthusiasm and a professional attitude, we can develop top quality products and systems for your specific needs.

With twenty years' experience at the cutting edge of technology in product handling, process automation and goods storage, we can produce custom-designed solutions for a variety of applications that stand out for safety and reliability.


Our Mission:

  •  To introduce new, personalized systems in product handling and process automation to our customer's full satisfaction.
  •  To provide customers with first-rate assistance in every aspect.
  •  Innovation, constant research and dedication to the development of human resources.
  •  Working together with our customers to tackle production problems with a variety of solutions.

Compac is particularly strong in proposing all-round, customized yet versatile solutions that can help customers achieve ideal production processes with the greatest safety and efficiency.

Compac also offers logistic solutions in automating and flexibly managing the flow of materials inside the production plant, based on the independent operation of conveying and feeding lines equipped with accessories such as centring devices, diverters, dispensers, storage units, elevators, lifters, manipulators, palletizers.

Compac products are chiefly directed at manufacturers and users of automatic machines, packaging lines and product handling systems in general.


The following sectors are especially interested in Compac products and systems: 

  •  Mechanical and iron-and-steel processing e siderurgico
  •  Electrical appliances
  •  Wood, Plastic
  •  Box factories, paper and cardboard industries, newspaper distributors
  •  Chemicals, paper manufacturing
  •  Brick manufacturing
  •  Manufacturing industries
  •  Miscellaneous industries


Services offered by Compac:

  •  Consulting
  •  Design
  •  Production
  •  Installation
  •  After-sales service
  •  Spare parts