Heavy Dynamic Penetrometer

Compac's new heavy penetrometer is compact, easy to use and partical an comes complete with all the equipment necessary for carrying ouy penetrometer tests complying with ISSMFE standards.


Main features:

  •  4 stroke Honda engine (13 hp, 9.6 kW), petrol-fuelled, pull-cord starter
  •  Dimensions: Lenght 1500 mm, width 1000 mm, height 1500 mm, (closed), 2650 mm (opened, pipe extended), weight kg 780, travelling speed 1-2 km/h
  •  Mounted on crawlers and provided with controls for levelling the machine and carrying out tests
  •  Completely hydraulic penetrometer operation (no batteries required for electric components)
  •  Pipe extraction assembly with hydraulic cylinder mounted directly below anvil assembly
  •  Hydraulic chain-operated hammer system, striking frequency 15 strikes/min
  •  N°2 telescoping rear outrigger for levelling the machine
  •  Anvil assembly raised to vertical position by hydraulic cylinder
  •  Test can be carried out using 50 kg hammer dropping from 50 cm (DIN 4094) or 63.5 kg hammer dropping from 75 cm (DPS/DPB)
  •  N°10 Ø32x1000 drill pipes with notches every 20 cm, weight 6.3 kg/m
  •  N°5 Ø45x1000 casing pipes; N°2 fixed conical tips
  •  Side-mounted boxes for storing equipment
  •  Electronic strike counter 
  •  Test can be accompanied by core sampling


Not included: software, vehicles and accessories for transportation; continuos coring equipment or deep coring equipment: alteration for testing with 50 kg hammer dropping from 50 cm; any item not expressly included.


Controls on the machine:

  •  Right outrigger
  •  Left outrigger
  •  Hammer-hoisting column positioning
  •  Hammer hoist control
  •  Pipe extraction
  •  Slow/fast speed control
  •  Test/travel selector
  •  Emergency control/travel control for both speeds, on remote control
  •  Right-left crawler forward travel
  •  Right-left crawler backward travel

Download PDF with technical details                                                          Brochure Penni 63 - DPSH    

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