Penni 30 - Presentation

Medium-Light Dynamic Penetrometer

What is a penetrometer?

Penetrometer are instruments used by soil specialists to carry out quick on-site measurements of the mechanical resistance of soils.

By analyzing the results of penetrometer tests the mechanical properties of the underlying strata can be derived. 

How the test is done?

A 20 kg (or 30 kg) weight is dropped from a height of 20 cm on Ø22 mm pipes drive a conical tip (Ø35.6 mm) into ground.

The number of blows required, counted by device, can be correlated to the soil's mechanical properties.

The test can reach depths of 10/12 meters, depending on the ground's geologicalmak-up.

Why choose Penni 30?

Four years after its introduction in the italian market, the PENNI 30 dynamic penetrometers is used by a large number of engineering companies and geologists, who find it a reliable instrument for measuring soil properties in the field. PENNI 30 is the only penetrometer that employes a flexible-cable mechanical transmission for hoisting the hammer-weight, which makes it pratical, resistancem inexpensive and easy to use.

The following the are features that make PENNI 30 a winner in its field:

  •  limited dimensions
  •  easy to transport (it can be carried in separate parts provided with pratical handles)
  •  fast set-up and operation
  •  mechanical power transmission throught flexible cable (a unique feature)
  •  the anvil on which the weight falls is separated from the strike plate, which reduces vibrations
  •  striking frequency can be adjusted on the anvil's handle
  •  can be used by a single operator
  •  low cost of purchase


These features are highly appreciated when site investigation need to be carried out in palces that are difficult to access and where a static penetrometers would be complicated to bring and set up for the test.


PENNI 30 can be considered mid-way between hand-held penetrometers, which are seldom used any more, and heavy-weight dynamic penetrometers, much more costly and less pratical.


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The operator holds the machine manually during measurements.

With the special tripod is possible operate safely and effortlessly.

The small size and number of components allow to reach remote places and uncomfortable.


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